Alex and Bernie Alex and Bernie

Golf GTE

 by Alex and Bernie for Grabarz & Partner

A new kind of fast: that’s the introduction campaign for the new Golf GTE, the very first Plug-in-Hybrid from Volkswagen. It means: pure power in true GTI-Tradition, combined with ridiculously low fuel consumption. Executed in a campaign that puts the incredible acceleration at its core.

The TV ad

Some slick headlines

We’re not sure if any of these ever saw the light of day, but we still think they’re pretty good.

Sexy headline Sexy headline Sexy headline

Some scripts that didn’t make the cut

The film „Herd“.

A monumental and hilly landscape. A giant herd of horses – 204 to be precise – is approaching on the horizon, streaming down a hill and flowing into the valley. The earth trembles beneath the hooves and the herd plows powerfully across the landscape – a wild and impressive sight.

The herd gallops towards a small farm house ducked into the hilly landscape.

An elderly, rustic looking farmer comes from inside the farm. He shuffles slowly towards a drinking trough that the giant herd of horses now comes to a stop at. The farmer stops at the trough and empties exactly 1,6 meagre litres of water from a bottle into it.

The horses begin to drink. And the old farmer meanders back to his little house.
204 hp. 1,6l.

The Golf GTE.
The first Plug-in-Hybrid by Volkswagen.

(Logo and Claim:)
Volkswagen. Das Auto.

The film „Nightdrive“.

At night in a residential neighbourhood. A Golf GTE is parked in a driveway. And everything seems to sleep. The Golf GTE slowly and completely silently rolls backwards and down the drive. Only on the street is the engine started - in the silent e-mode of course - and the lights switched on. The Golf GTE continues to creep slowly and carefully down the street, turns around a corner and here, unnoticed, revs up the engine and accelerates.

The car dynamically takes on corners, shifts gears and tears along the street. The camera celebrates the vehicle in its entire sporty glory.

In short: pure Car-Performance-Porn.

Until eventually the sun begins to rise. Morning has broken. And the Golf GTE creeps back to the residential area silently and slowly in e-mode. The car drives back into the driveway.
„What’s fun for us…“

The car stops and the doors open. Countless forest animals exit the vehicle: a deer, mice, squirrels, a wolf, rabbits, racoons, and and and.
(VO, with a smile:)
„… should be fun for others, too.“

204 hp with a consumption of only 1,6l.
The Golf GTE.
The first Plug-in-Hybrid by Volkswagen.

We cut back into the driveway. Most animals have left the Golf in the meantime and are disappearing, one by one, behind the nearest bushes and hedges.

A racoon barges against a rubbish bin that falls to the ground with a rattle. All the animals freeze with shock mid-movement. They listen. Wait. And sure enough: a light goes on in the house. Someone is awake. The animals flee through the hedge and disappear.

A man in a dressing gown opens his front door. He takes a sceptical look around. And spots a bear that’s still stuck with his behind in the front door of his Golf GTE. The man stops short. And the bear gives him a sheepish wave.

(Logo and Claim:)
Volkswagen. Das Auto.