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Sleep well

 by Alex and Bernie for thjnk

Everyone is different and everyone sleeps differently. Good thing that IKEA has the perfect sleep solution for each and everyone out there. Good thing we had the perfect solution to this communication challenge - and not just a TVC: a brand statement spanning a range of media. The Great Sleep didn’t only bring us 13.500 Likes, 1.000 Shares and over 1.300.000 Clicks, but also an ADC award, a bronze Effie, a spot on the shortlist in Cannes (PR), two red dot awards (digital campaign & integrated campaign), first prize at the New York Festivals (Creative Marketing Effectiveness), an award at the Lead Awards (campaign of the year) and a gold medal (online) at the ame awards. Phew, we’re going to need a rest in an IKEA bed after all of that.

The TV ad

The Promotion

Four lucky winners got to spend an unforgettable night in the bed of their dreams at one of four special locations based on their sleep preferences.

Some soft impressions

Sleep well Sleep well

Some warm impressions

Sleep well Sleep well

Some cold impressions

Sleep well Sleep well

Some hard impressions

Sleep well Sleep well

A script we still really love that never was

The film “Dream bed”.

In a bedroom. A young woman is sleeping soundly in her cozy IKEA Bed. Slowly and quietly a ladder is lowered from above through the ceiling. The young woman opens her eyes, gets up and goes towards the ladder. Without hesitation or irritation, she begins to climb. She climbs through the ceiling, through the attic and the roof, higher and higher up the ladder that disappears into the cloudy night sky.

After a while, she pauses for a moment. She takes a look around and we see that countless other people are climbing up ladders and ropes from their houses. All climbing towards the clouds.

She continues. Rung by rung. Higher and higher. Through the clouds. And perched on the cloudy cover we see her bed. Exactly the same bed that she just left in her bedroom. She walks across the cloud to her bed, snuggles into the cozy blankets and goes to sleep.

The camera pulls back and we see countless other people sleeping in different IKEA beds, dreaming happily.

(VO, with a Swedish accent, Jonas Bergström:)
“Everyone has a bed of their dreams. Find yours. At your IKEA.”